California calls it a “Corona”, a state of emergency! •


ESA’s evaluation of the Situation as a “hands on”.

According to the state of Washington, also in California, call right now, due to the Coronavirus outbreak a state of emergency, and to encourage and, for the avoidance of doubt, if there could be at this year’s E3. In the last few days, it had been the first one to death. More than 50 people have been tested positive for novel pathogens.
The Entertainment Software Association (ESA, which addresses the industry’s point of view, the game’s most important trade fair in the world, said in a statement that it appreciates the value of the Situation, in the face of changes in the news assets.In a year in which not a few were set up on a broad Front announced the news on the topic of the new consoles, which is a shock absorber. But it became the marketing plans are likely to be the least of your problems at this point. There are many manufacturers, including Sony, who was drafted fifth overall in the E3, the second part of the back and/or you clearly planned to be its own Format. Many of them cannot do without the participation of the target group in easily. Nintendo does this with their drives go, Yes.


To move the company in a Nintendo Direct Format that is similar to it, and if the fair is cancelled?

For the Moment, this is, apparently, still the E3 in June to line up. Here is the official statement from the E3 Website:


“The health and safety of all our visitors, exhibitors, partners and employees is a top priority. While the SEC plans to continue on to a safe, successful and E3-9. 11. From June to align, observe, and evaluate the Situation on a day to day Basis.”


“Our E3 Team and partners to monitor COVID-19 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We all have to deal actively with the most up to date information, and to develop measures to minimize the risks to the health and safety at the show.”


The GDC has already been delayed after a large number of exhibitors had cancelled it, due to the Coronavirus.


It is possible that the ESA will, therefore, removed also the decision, should companies like Microsoft and Nintendo are in the safe side, make a half turn to the bottom.