Cardi B deposits the brand Okurrr

Like any artist hip hop worthy of the name, Cardi B it diversifies its activities into different business areas, thus generating useful to many zeros.

After the creation of his collection fashion for sale by the mark fast fashion american Fashion Nova on your online store, and the lipstick blue cobalt called Cardi made with the the beauty industry of the brand Tom Ford went to steal a few hours from the marketing, the rapper has decided to monetize even on a term slang registering it as brand so that no one else can use it.

The word in question is: Okurrr, or a personal interpretation of the pronunciation of Ok, to the fury of speaking has become his hallmark. The legal deposit of the mark was accomplished on march 11 under the auspices of the Washpoppin Inc., the company led by the same Cardi B.

The intention of the rapper is to reproduce the word on gadgets, mugs, posters, stickers. The word Okurrr may not be reproduced on any article of clothing as previously, in the month of February, a version with only two r end had already been registered for that purpose.

Cardi B explained that her pronunciation of sui generis of the most common Ok like it because it sounds like“a pigeon shivering in New York City”. The rapper twenty-seven had already given prominence to the slang term by the testimonial in the tv commercial of Pepsi during the Super Bowl in 2019.

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