Cardi B: everything there is to know about star of the moment


The sharp tongue of Cardi Bhis presence on the stage and the spirit of the turbulent have earned a strong following, a fast popularity and more than 45 million followers on instagram. The beautiful singer claims the motto, sounds like a mantra: “be only yourself“.

If there is a beauty look of a celebrity that everyone wants to copy, is probably one of the Cardi B. his style exaggerated, with long colorful wigs and sharp nails, highlights the personality of the artist, and there are many girls who imitate her outfits.

Cardi has also a lot of collaborations with different fashion houses. What will be next?

The career of an artist who is on the leaderboards

With verses of biting and aggressive, the former stripper and star of social media has made her television debut at the end of 2015 on tv program new york Love & Hip-Hop.

But it Bodak Yellow his fame explodes, becoming viral, and in 2018 Cardi is crowned as the first rapper female to occupy the first three places in the Top Ten of the charts Hot100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

The tornado Cardi has never stopped, and since then has performed with world famous artists such as Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj.

His debut album, Invasion of Privacy in 2018, has reached the first places in the ranking with the summer hit, “I like it“on youtube touches one billion views. Succeeding in what had seemed like an impossible feat, has become the first rapper soloist to win a Grammy for best rap album.

The latest single from the artist“Press” it came out at the end of may 2019.

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Private life, between stage and reality: the origins

Born October 11, 1992, Belcalis Almanzar he lived in the Bronx of New York spending a lot of time with his grandmother and his sister Hennessy Carolina.

Has a mixed heritage of caribbean: his mother is from Trinidad while his father is of dominican origin. The heritage in the caribbean is evident in his voice and in the tones stretched.

The name Cardi B comes from the beverage Bacardi, a name by which it was called by the small. His personality, without the filters had already emerged in the elementary schools, but it was his vitality that has made yes that would be something new in the world of music.

The boyfriend of the Offset and the daughter Kulture Kiari

The singer, 1.65 m of height, is linked from the 2017 to the rapper Offsetthe two have moved secretly in September of the same year.

Subsequently, Cardi has confirmed her pregnancy in April 2018 during a performance in the entertainment program Saturday Night Live.

The daughter, Kulture Kiari Cinctus she was born on July 10, 2018. The parents of the girl, after a brief separation, they seem to be back and better rehearsed than before.

The eccentricity of Cardi B shows also in the fact that it does not hide that he was subjected to multiple sessions of surgery for of the some “works done”. However, for these reasons he recently had to cancel all dates of his concerts at least until September.

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Long hair, I don’t care

The artist of twenty-six is known for his extravagant style and his straightforward personality. Cardi B is not only one of the musicians most popular and loved at this time but exhibits a look amazing. She often wears a variety of colorful wigs, demonstrating that it is really able to pull off any look.

It prefers clean hair very long and smooth, the nails long and sharp as razors, and a lipstick in the nude, which emphasizes her full lips.

On June 2, 2019 during his performance he performed a long mane of rainbow: the colors were imaged in the eye makeup. The lipstick that lends a matte and long eyelashes are a nice contrast with that hair style.

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However, on the occasion of the Show of MTV video music awards 2018Cardi put aside his predilection for lipstick and nude for wigs long by adopting a look chic with red lips and a classic makeup smokey-eye.

What is the most impeccable, bob short, or her eyeliner?

Love the Cardi for a sleek bob becomes a reality, as well as his love for the red.

Cardi B dazzles at the Met Gala

It is undoubtedly on the catwalk most talked of America, the star exhibits her look more extravagant. The year 2018 has been the first The Met Gala Thistle B, and, of course, has made him unforgettable. It is presented wearing a dress Moschino studded with gems. After months of hiding her pregnancy, Cardi has opted for a look that emphasized her curves and deep cleavage and waist tight.

Hair thick, long and curly argue a precious crown, leaving a free facial with a make-up clean and simple.

This year, however, the singer chose a dress by Thom Browne that fully covered his body. Made in tulle and silk organza, finished with a red hat on.

Despite its comprehensive coverage, the dress highlights some areas of the body and highlights on the face, where we find long lashes and lips ruby red.