Cardi B forced to postpone his concert for the recent plastic surgery


Cardi B he canceled the concert that was scheduled in El Paso, Texas, may 21, and, afterwards, he did the same thing, with the show scheduled in Syracuse and Saratoga Springs (New York), postponed to later date. Also his participation in the 92Q Spring Bling Festival Baltimore is skipped.

According to some rumors reported by TMZ, the rapper was forced to cancel these appointments for health problemsdue to the recent plastic surgery to which it is subjected. His staff has spoken only “unexpected circumstances” without providing further details, but apparently it could be just the recent ritocchini to have created any problems.

May Cardi B has revealed the he made for increase your breast and for remove the accumulated fat during pregnancy. Later, due to fatigue and the physical demands made during the preparation of his concerts, in particular during the rehearsals of the choreography, the singer has accused the pains and swellings; for this reason, the doctors would recommended to take an period of absolute rest to recover. At the moment you never have confirmations or denials by the stakeholders; expect, then, more news.

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