Cardi B offers bracelets from 80 thousand dollars to the daughter of 10 months


It is no mystery that the pop star may love the luxury and the shopping spree, and the american rapper Cardi B it is the most striking example. The 26-year-old is known to be channel wide in fact purchases and gifts, so as to enjoy an afternoon of spending sprees in one of the jewellers most expensive of New York city, the Pristine Jeweler. In the last few hours Cardi B has posted on her profile of Instagram a photograph of the purchases made from Pristine: some bracelets tennis in silver, gold and rose gold, and a pair of earrings from the button, all dotted with dozens of diamonds. A spending spree to the value of 80 thousand u.s. dollars (about 70 thousand euros), which he then decided to give (at least the bangles) to her daughter Kulture, of just 10 months, received from the singer’s Offset.

Unavoidable critical of fans and followers on the gift considered to be definitely too expensive for a girl of barely a year, that have forced the rapper to remove the post and stories from his account Instagram. Not so fast, however, from the weekly People to publish screenshots and photographs, with comment by Cardi B on the reason of a gift which is so expensive: “If I am covered with diamonds, also my daughter must be“. The temptation of Cardi B to show the rich booty, however, is not gone, so much so that the rapper has re-posted a video of the little Kulture with wearing one of the bracelets tennis with diamonds. In the short video Cardi B (who recently canceled some of his tour dates in order to undergo the liposuction) holds the hand of the little girl showing the jewel of the small and its. The right to return to the fact, in case anyone missed if it were.

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