Cardi B sued for a million dollars


Trouble for Cardi B. The famous rapper, in fact, was sued for a million dollars from a blogger who has justified the complaint stating that the singer has issued false statements about her, pushing his many followers to attack it, coming to threats.

According to some legal documents obtained by The Blast, Latasha K he brought the necessary documents to the complaint in a federal court. The decision comes two months away from when Cardi B had sued the blogger for defamation.

It all started when Latasha, who has a YouTube channel with more than 500 thousand subscribers, has published a video in which he speaks, precisely, of the famous rapper. In the following, it tells the same blogger, Cardi B would be contacted in private to ask for the removal of the video. Latasha has responded by offering an interview to talk about what the problem was, but the Thistles would be rejected.

At this point, it would be the start of the campaign Cardi B against the blogger, claiming that she “he invented a false story” or that the “pursued constantly”. If the allegations of Latasha were true and she said it is the fake just to get the better of her, certainly it would be a loss of image for a rapper who just a short time ago had declared war on the haters.

Latasha has, therefore, confirmed to have received a lot of threats to the point of being forced to move to safety. He also said he has received an economic damage to their lost members and sponsors for advertising.

In addition, the woman, who is pregnant, has said to be suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. And that is why he asked for a million dollars for damages.

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