Cardi B supports Britney Spears: “I Understand what you’re going through”


A few days ago Miley Cyrus he expressed his closeness to Britney Spears in this complicated moment of his life.

“I can’t believe what they are doing. Sure that I defend myself, it is very sad what they are doing.”

Now Cardi B it is deployed from the part of the princess of pop. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the rapper has said to be a big fan of Britney Spears and has added to understand what he’s going through.

“Of course the support, because I am a big fan of Britney Spears. In high school I used to go in the style of ‘Oh my God that B*tch’s shameless!’ […] A collaboration with her? Ok, when? I have a message for you.

I love you, and I understand you perfectly. Fame can make you really mad. Not only the fame makes you crazy, but once you have money, everyone wants to only take advantage of you and prenderteli. Or sometimes you have your personal problems, and you need your space.

When you’re a celebrity, everyone wants to get you cause. Everyone wants a piece of the money for which jobs, and it is very frustrating. Then you have the whole world look up to you, there is no privacy, is absurd. I live by little, I can’t imagine how it can be for those who live so long time as her.”

The movement FreeBritney is released from the web, now magazine and the tv have turned the spotlight on what is happening in the house Spears. Difficult days for the team of Britney.