Cardi B, the new single is Clout with the husband Offset: the video


There are already over 5 million and 600 thousand views of your new video Cardi B with Offset, “Clout”, the new single between wife and husband

Word order: yellow, as if it rained. In the new video for “Clout”, the Offset and the wife Cardi B allows to go to effusions of the marriage more intimate, and raise the temperature of the YouTube, where the clip was published on 17 April 2019.


“Clout” is the second single from the debut solo album of Offset of 2019 “Father of 4”, preceded only by the song “Red Room”. A founding member of the band hip-hop Migos set to Takeoff and Quavo, Offset has published the disc under the label Motown/Quality Control and made use of a series of collaborations of luxury to highlight the release, taking a sound away from the debut solo Quavo (“Quavo Huncho”, 2018). “Clout” was written by Cinctus (Offset), Belcalis Almanzar (Cardi B), Luellen, K. Gomringer and T. Gomringer, produced then by Southside & Cubeatz.

“Father of 4” is born from the release of the solo album of his cousin Quavo and it’s only been published after a series of delays that have pushed the publication until the beginning of 2019. According to some rumors, among these setbacks there would have been marital problems with Cardi B which, several times in the course of the last few months, has decreed that you wanted a divorce from her husband through a long video on Instagram. The emergency is then retracted in February, when actually, the album and the relationship with Cardi B and the daughter Kulture is finally normalized. “Father of 4” debuted at fourth on the Billboard 200.

“Clout” is the fourth song to which wife and husband have never worked together. In principle, we remember “Lick”, “Drip”, and of course the hit “Motorsport” with the Migos and Nicki Minaj.

Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, strippers at the cinema

The big surprise, a few hours ago Jennifer Lopez has announced that he will be the protagonist of the film american Hustlers”. Beside her on the stage there will be Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles and Keke Palmer. The film, which will be directed by Lorene Scafaria, will tell the story, and the misadventures of some of the strippers (the star part). The film release is planned for the autumn.

No better than Thistles B will be able to interpret the role because the rapper, the first to break into the world of music, it was a stripper and has never made secret. Speaking with Cosmopolitan in 2018, Cardi B has confessed that, at the time, had willingly accepted the proposal to make the stripper lanciatale from his manager. “People ask me why I stripped. I don’t want to find a justification in and say something like “Oh, because I had a bad relationship with a guy and I was in need of money to leave””. The truth is that Cardi B has made a lot of money as a stripper and decided to declare it with transparency, so that people should learn to accept the fact that the stripper is a real job. “I’m always saying why don’t people respect me for this, but the strippers must be respected”.