Cardi B-who is it? Age and height of the rapper who flaunts wealth


Who is Cardi B, the rapper that is passed from the strip club to the top of all the rankings? Age and height of the woman born in the Bronx.

Cardi B

The story is a truly sensational game as a stripper at a local strip club, is now one of the rapper’s most famous and launch ramp in America, but his life was not easy, having suffered violence by the partner with whom he was living in New York city and from whom he had a daughter.

Cardi B-who is the rapper? Age, height, son, wealth

Founded in 1992, Cardi B today is 28 years old and a son to whom he gave a bracelet to 80 thousand dollars. This fact has literally infuriated the entire american press, and not only because it was a way to flaunt wealth, at least according to some newspapers.

The woman, however, is justified by saying that she knows very well what it means to live without having nothing, and most important, each of them manages their own money in their own way.

His career, however, was really quick: in 2015, he made his debut with the remix of “Boom Boom” by Shaggy. From here a success behind the other so much that in 2016, we were on the cover of Vibe.

In short, a career in the absolute rise for the Cardi B, which, however, has the flavor of redemption and a rematch against poverty and violence.