Claudia Chambers and Georgina Amorós reveal that the actors ‘Elite’ have two groups of WhatsApp


On the 13th of march will be the beginning of a new school year at The Oaks and the situation is about to explode. As we have seen in the official trailer, ‘Elite’ now has a new low that has left the fandom with a heavy heart and a question in the air: Who is the culprit? While we wait for the answer we’ve interviewed Claudia Chambers and Georgina Amorós, those who interpret Rebekah, and Cayetana, two of the revelations of the previous season. What would you bring to the Rebbe in this new batch of episodes? How did Amorós the public’s opinion about your character? We’ve heard it all.

Cayetana was a revelation when we discovered that was not who he claimed to be. The actress has commented on how was the reception it had among the fans: “There was a little bit of everything, people who loved her and others hated. I liked it because it created a lot of debate and it is good that people talk, especially because it is very much necessary that we need to talk”. However, Amorós was surprised with a detail: “It’s funny how one can hate more someone who pretends to be who he is not because he has nothing else, but to those who are killers and others who love them”.

In terms of the welcome that has had Rebekah, the most kickass and badass of ‘Elite’, meeting Rooms and agree with your partner: “I’m very happy because I wasn’t expecting. Shooting more by the way that I was going to get tired enough because it is very squeaky and is always in high”. We know that your character is colgadito by Samuel and it seems that it will not lose the time, but, what can you expect to Rebbe this season? “We found that it is not as superficial as presented in the second, which has an inner world bestial, which leads him hiding 17 years and can no longer (…) First need to be well with herself, to worry, to be understood and addressed to her. Then she began a path that is stripped of metaphorical way, and we see her vulnerable, broken and rebuilt, Salas says.

Although, to her, Rebekah is like a little sister that he feels proud, if I had to interpret to another character Rooms would opt for the de Amorós: “I like it a lot, although it is a challenge because it is very well done. I also like the of Danna Paola. It’s a caramel”. Between compliments, Amorós would also select the of your companion: I believe that each one of us is perfect for the character that we have been touched, but Rebekah, I like it very much as a spectator. Yes, we could not have done as he has done to Claudia because it’s amazing”. However, Lily stands as the common point of both: “Lily mola. I like how it makes and Elisabet [Gelabert] the I love you a lot”declares Rooms.


To know that the fourth season will feature a new story and a renewed cast, we have not resisted to ask if they would like to continue with his own spin-off. “I’d love one of the Rebbe and his mother for life. It would be wonderful”confesses Amorós. But, what of these two boards? The actress continues: “We have said before that Claudia imagines her characters in a haberdashery and I’ve told him that Cayetana wants to devote himself to fashion. We have a business together. We Would Be C&R”. What has been born a new partner? The actresses already shuffled names: Retana or Cayeca. Both opt for the second option. What is yours?

Groups WhatsApp

‘Elite’ is a series that reflects that the new generations are always connected, whether with the social networks or WhatsApp. Do you have the cast a group in which to chat her things, to talk of the theories of the fans, or comment on the episodes? “We have one of all and the other girls. We were very much, we are out of the shoot. It has been a very lovely family and we have experienced many things both personal and professional levelssays Amorós.

The third season of ‘Elite’ and the next vulnerable of the Rebbe arriving this march 13, the date of its premiere.