CoD: Modern Warfare Leak reveals Game Map in all its glory


All the indications are that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a Battle Royale mode. All the indications are that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a Battle Royale mode.

With all the Leaks to the mode Warzone in Call of Duty: black ops, Modern Warfare Activision and Infinity Ward’s almost a call to announce the Battle Royale mode for the Sniper, but finally it’s official! As a confirmation of the Leak are in the shot at the moment as mushrooms from the ground.

A picture of the Map and the Game mode. The Overview was already up on it a few weeks ago, a new Runaway, but they differ in the extent to which the image is of a much higher resolution.

Escape from the Warzone Map. Escape from the Warzone Map.

The source of the image

In Addition, You can see the building on the enormous map, and the first of the putative ‘Hotspots’ were identified, including

  • The stadium
  • The prison is in the South-East on the map

In comparison with the first Map of the Trail, for a total of more buildings have been added to, presumably, the card will fill up to 200 players.

The other faults of the Game-world map

In comparison with the Power of a Map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the Game card and it seems to have less water. There is no visible stream or river gradient, but they are not as wide as the great power on the World Map

What does this mean for the game? Water vehicles are likely to play a less important role than in the World. The majority of the fight on the Ground.

What time is the Game mode now?

In spite of all the rumors for today, there is still no official confirmation. In spite of this, to be published by Infinity Ward, most recently, the Tomogunchi to watch Modern Warfare that are also some of the player’s ownership, even as a Troll Move.

They may be eagerly Waiting for more, but you’ll need to wait for a very long time. Because of the other rumor is pointing to the 10. In march, as the start date.