Command & Conquer: The unusual, the restoration of the cut scenes


Today, the Remains of the Command & Conquer is developed by Electronic Arts. The classic Westwood Studios, to be authentic: you don’t want to get to, in the case of the EA, only with the old source code, but also with the help of the original scene.

The GDI against the Nod, it’s a cult

From today’s point of view, with the scenes of Command & Conquer (C&C), though probably unintentionally funny (Ok, so they were in 1995, however, all of the players in this real time strategy classic will get feelings of nostalgia when you think about it. this is because of the struggle between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the brotherhood of Nod, it is indeed 25 years after the release of the game in the minds of his Fans and well-rooted.

If so, we can’t write to it from today’s point of view, it’s extremely low-resolution cutscenes are the only one, that is hardly forgive a Fan’s. As you explained in the Video, which is found deep in the archives of their so-called original, the material of the film, and I thought that since the problems to be solved. But this is only the beginning, because first you had to find an expert that can scan it with the glasses from the cassette tapes and the Sony.

This is to be found (only one mind) but only to find after a long day of work, which is on the tape, not the original recordings, but the Videos that have been found in the game. They seemed to be even worse, because of the magnet on the Tooth of time, the band has already afflicted.

Upscaling as a last resort

So, EA had to resort to, to improve the resolution of the video material, which is also used to help with the C&C Community to implement these projects for the fun of it. The result is, of course, a better look at the Ultra HD Material, and it is, therefore, but it. In the Video, it’s a “restored” to the scene.

Electronic Arts, Ea, Command & Conquer, C&C Remastered

Electronic Arts, Ea, Command & Conquer, C&C Remastered