Daughter of Niurka Marcos suffers motorcycle accident


The daughter of the dancer, actress and cuban singer Niurka Marcos had an accident with his motorbike on Thursday in the City of Mexico, but fortunately it was not serious.

Romina derrapó on his scooter and gave several blows on the legs, knees, and elbows. The young man was taken to hospital, where they did x-rays to rule out any internal injury caused by the blows.

Niurka shared what happened with his faithful followers on Instagram, which immediately began to send wishes of speedy recovery for Romina.

“Romi derrapó on his bike on the pavement and left furrowed,” wrote the cuban artist together with a video that shows the injuries of their daughter.

Before the many messages of concern, the young man posted a video to their stories of Instagram and explained that the wounds were superficial and that x-rays had shown that within it was very good.

“Hello, friends, I’m fine, thanks for worrying. I suffered a fall on a scooter, and yes I found a few good blows, but we’re already here and all is well”, said from the hospital.

Romina is also an actress and singer like her mother, and both have a very good relationship. Frequently seen together and share days of girls, travel and holidays bohemian with friends.

Niurka constantly shows his support Romina and expresses how proud she is as much of it as of his son Emilio.