Dedicated to the Moon the remix of ‘Nasa’ Ariana Grande – News


Remixed in a video for the song ‘Nasa’ Ariana Grande: if the american popstar had made space exploration the metaphor of a relationship, a group of interns at Nasa has remixed to celebrate the mission, which aims to return astronauts on the Moon.

In the video, shared by Nasa, also on social networks, you can see the guys from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, a sort of ‘parody educational’, where clips of the missions true alternate, a sequence showing the young in space suit while dancing and working on scientific projects. In a scene with the boys also appears Luca Parmitano, prior to his departure for the mission Beyond.
Happy with the tribute Ariana Grande, who on Twitter wrote: “this is so pure, special and crazy. Hello to all there, that are doing this incredible work”.