Demi Lovato REVEALS the first glimpse of the official video of “I Love Me” Oh Great!


Demi Lovato released his first single after two years of absence in the scenarios this Friday, the 6th of march, therefore, in his official account of Instagram shared the preview of the official video “I Love Me”.

Demi Lovato REVEALS the first glimpse of the official video of “I Love Me” Oh Great!

Demi Lovato reveals first images of their new video

“I Love Me”the new single of Demi Lovato will be a hymn to the empowerment and self-love, according to what you hear in the first verses thrown by the ex – girl Disney, who is known for promoting personal acceptance and the importance of mental health.

The first look of “I Love Me” shows a Demi Lovato full of self-confidence, who walks the streets of a big city wearing a long trench coat red leather, a look something eighties and a style of music is very electro-pop.

In the video you can also see references to the early music of the installation boot. In one of the scenes most notable of “I Love Me”the Demi Lovato of 27 years passed along to his younger version, specifically to his character in Camp Rock with the outfit that you used to interpret “This Is Me”another topic on the self-esteem and acceptance.

Demi Lovato on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

As part of the promotions of their new single, Demi Lovato was the guest of this week in The Ellen DeGeneres Showwhere is sincere about her efforts to overcome substance abuse and other emotional disorders that he has faced.

“I was lucky enough to sit down with Ellen DeGeneres and share my story about the last year and a half…

…I was so excited that I cried when I came off the stage. Thank you Ellen for providing me a platform to speak my truth,” wrote Demi Lovato on Instagram.

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