Discount on products, special Sounds, not the way of the recycle bin, discount


In January, the Sounds of gathered a lot of criticism for a “Trade Up Program”, the customer with a discount on the purchase of the new Sonos speakers when you put your device in the so-called recycling mode, the power from the unit for a hazardous waste landfill. Right now, the way in which the recycling is discontinued, the discount will remain the same.

From now on, it is the discounted value of the 30% off a new purchase that is no longer necessary, and that existing customers will let you have the discount in question is the old device to the recycling bin. The majority of working perfectly, the speaker will not be as special waste.

The equipment is old, it can now be used

Customers can decide on the time, if you keep the outfit simple, and you can continue to use, sell, or dispose of them properly. It is, therefore, in particular, will continue to be, it is not necessary to send the device to the Sonos it is then professionally recycle bin. The Option to send in your old speakers for Sonos to let you dispose of them properly, but they are not, as they have been, as of yet.

Customer service to contact you with a discount

In this Application, Sonos has removed the way for recycling in the last few weeks, a note is replaced, then you should apply for your discount by phone, of customer service. The web Site will be updated in the next few weeks, and it should also be noted that the recycling is no longer a part of the Trade-in Programs.

For privacy, you must have been in the focus of

Sonos has stated after the criticism in the first place, on the way to the recycle bin, in a 21-day Timer starts, at the end of a fully-functional, device that is technically unusable, it is done so that the customer can get the discount on a new device. Officially, Sonos has not been able to stop the Timer once it has been turned on for a time. Sonos has stated that to force a customer to move his unit to the re-working of a speaker, special waste, do it. The goal was to make sure that none of the built-in speakers that are saved, customers are able to access this information. Right now, Sonos recommends to its clients, the built-in speakers on the factory reset before you sold or disposed of, which shall have the same effect.