Do you know what of Ana Obregon? This is happening. Jump off the alarms. “What is Álex Lequio?”


Ana Obregón

March 05, 2020
(19:33 CET)

Alarm bells again when Álex Lequio was for two weeks without making any publication on social networks, nor is Ana Obregón. Two people who have become very active on Instagram from participating in various acts of solidarity. Finally, after a few days of absence it was discovered what was keeping so silent. The employer had relapsed again and he had to be admitted on two occasions.

At the time, Ana Obregon said that there was no reason whatsoever to worry about, given that the hospitalisation was due to a gastroenteritis that had already passed the grandmother of Alex and the actress herself. After these statements Alex returned to be entered during the weekend and remained in observation.

Alessandro Lequio arrives at the hospital

These days it has also been able to see his father, who continues to dump on their collaboration in The program of Ana Rosa. The aristocrat has spoken at the exit of the hospital with the media who were gathered at the gates. Alessandro has tried to take away iron to the subject without undermining the importance of the struggle of his son. Have for two years been fighting against this fatal disease. The contributor admits that “everything remains the same”. Hope that soon this nightmare and to smile again, in fact it is the desire of Ana to this 2020.

Alessandro Lequio has left Ana Obregon by lying, although it is normal for Ana Obregón has not wanted to set off their alarms with such a delicate issue. What is going wrong and is very affected. Alessandro Lequio you prefer to talk without taboos about the real situation of your child. Ensures that “all is well” and that “there is not much to say”. However, it also acknowledges that “cancer is a disease long and hard.”

After the controversy, Ana Obregón has just granted an exclusive interview to The Country, where he speaks without hairs in the tongue cancer of his son Alex Lequio, from the research of diseases and politicians.

“The government is the most important risk factor for lung cancer. Because it doesn’t give any budget for the research. And it is the only thing that saves lives from cancer,” he says.

Ana Obregón has been very clear and has strongly attacked the politicians for their role as representatives of this country. As always care more about unimportant things, out of their pockets and of their armchairs. “They struggle for the armchairs, not for saving the life of the Spanish. Each year are detected 300,000 new cases of cancer, but not giving money. And if not investigated, because it is not a cure. In other countries, inviere a lot in this, but in Spain does not give them the win. Is one of the few countries where it happens. But not just now: no government, nor one nor the other”.

“Commit 300 million in the general election once and again, and again. But those millions are being thrown out the window probably would have been able to save thousands of lives. And that comes from our money, of our work. Because they don’t want to agree ever in anything and already I don’t care who you are, but I want to save lives. It all gives me a lot of laziness,” he continues.

The perception of life has radically changed for the host since his son was diagnosed with the disease. “Neither my son nor I like the drama. I already see too much on television, people crying about everything, and I say to myself: ‘my Mother, thankfully, has not touched this, really'”.

But always try to find the positive part. “Of everything in life takes something that is enriching. In my case, is the lesson and the example that I have given my son: to me and to a lot of people that are also heroes and they are fighting. It is an example of the brutal attitude that helps a lot. That for a side and then also on the inner aspect, because you start to relativize”.

Both he and she carry missing the social networks from almost a month ago. Álex since February 4, when he published the post most criticized where he spoke of the disease and at the same time marketing your company, and Ana from the February 15, a picture with their parents.

The actress has not commented regarding the latest news of his return to the stage. Fake Live will be the play that will star in and that would already be preparing. At the moment he is focused on the care of their son Alex Lequio, the most important thing. But this absence of social networks is worrying and a lot more of Alex, who is the most assiduous. On this occasion, this new reversal of the disease has been stronger than expected. We hope soon to recover and return to have news of both. I hope to finish this nightmare and with a happy ending for the whole family.