Dua Lipa becomes a teacher of AEROBICS in new music video, just Like in the 80’s!!


The style of the era of the eighties, the british singer Dua Lipa 24 years is with everything in her return to music. Since last year, Dua surprised us with the musical success Don’t Start Now, and now has given us a new music video of the song “Physical”but with her as teacher of aerobics. I love it!

And that is from a few months ago, the singer and model of origin in Kosovo, Dua Lipa, he began promotion of his new album, “Future Nostalgia”, which will be released next April 3. However, the young artist has decided to give fans amazing music videos that have the style of the 80’s.

The official video of the theme “Physical” it premiered a month ago, where we were able to see the skills of Dua skate and dance. But on this occasion, Dua Lipa is sheathed in a tight leotard yellow to show that it can also be a excellent instructor exercises.

The recent audiovisual production has a running time of just over 5 minutes, where we can see Dua Lipa and other dancers to teach a series of workout very similar to the aerobics that became very popular in the era ochentera; similar to the video Olivia Newton-John “Physical”, which has the same name of the new song by Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa gains popularity

Since entering the music, Dua Lipa has been gaining popularity with the public around the world. Remembered for her hits such as “Be the one”, “New rules” and “IDGAF”, he won the Grammy in 2019 for Best New Artist, and this year it is placing one of the favorites to win the best prizes of 2021.

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In addition, Dua Lipa has managed to sweep again with the musical taste of the audience thanks to the proposal retro has brought his disk “Future Nostalgia”, where the sound is very similar to that of the songs of the eighties and nineties that were popular at the time. And now, with the video workout “Physical”, Dua is still placing as one of the artists of the pop highlights.