Elite: Actor of the series shows his face bloodied What happened to him?


The actor Aron Piper has worried to all your fans Instagram after sharing a photo and a video in her official account where you can see that your face has some wounds bloody that give to understand that he could be involved in a fight or was the victim of an assault.

Aron Piper it gained popularity at the international level thanks to his excellent interpretation of actors within the series “Elite”, where he gave life to the character of Ander and that without a doubt, became one of the favorite of the viewers after starring in a romantic relationship with the role that she played the actor Omar Ayuso.

From that moment and until now its fame throughout the world has grown in leaps and bounds and it is well known that Aron Piper has managed to become one of the young actors most wanted social networks to overcome 6 million followers in the platform Instagram.

Elite: Actor of the series shows his face bloodied What happened to him?

Aaron Piper is concerned about his fans on Instagram

Through this social network, Aron Piper wanted to create a very close relationship with all her fans as a constant share of the new projects he is currently participating as well as several other moments that occur within your private life but on this occasion, has posted an image that has been concerned in large measure to the followers of the series “Elite”.

Aron Piper he has shared through his official account of Instagram a series of photography and video where we can see that the face of the actor have a few wounds, bloody in the eyebrow and the cheekbone right but it also has another brand less severe in the left part of the chin.

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Elite: Actor of the series shows his face bloodied What happened to him?

The publication is accompanied by a text that says: “Smoking seriously damages your health” but the irony of the situation is that Aron Piper it appears in the picture with a cigarette in hand; until the moment it is not known if this is a new project of the actor, but the reality is that the fans of “Elite” have expressed their fear that something bad has happened.

Photos: Instagram @aron.piper

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