Emma Garcia I caught! Jack rowdy on Living the life: go Out this! Bombshell


March 06, 2020
(15:10 CET)

If there is a string that is usually in the spotlight in the social networks that is not other than Telecinco. Paolo Vasile bet many years ago by the controversy continued, and by the formats, as you well know the that follows the chain, don’t do anything other than to cause more situations than controversial in the sets.

Jorge Javier Vázquez Telecinco

However, while it is true that it has helped them to get very good audiences and some of their programs are now an integral part of the history of the television Spainthat has also caused that many to bear against it on the social networks.

But that, that being in the spotlight, is just what they seek from the policy of the chain, so you could say that they are doing things more than good. However, once in a while appears a scandal that leaves more than one in evidence.

The scandal in Live the life

In this case it has been Emma Garcia which has been engulfed in a mess because of a comment in the networks, which has resulted in a good cascade of criticism. And it all revolves around one of their co-workers more controversial and that now, in fact, is doing yours in Survivors: Jose Antonio Aviles.

josé antonio avilés

A Avilés that, while it is true that it takes little time on Spanish television, is already making a mark. Among other things because it is not that he is a man who measures his words. The case is that there are several that have pointed to in Twitter the reason why Joseph Antonio it is now one of the faces of the moment in Telecinco is that it is “the nephew of Raul Prieto, the director of Living the life”.

A statement which, though unknown if it is or not true, has already borne fruit in networks, where many now understand the reason for the success of Avilés. “Is it plugged in”, “I Now understand because it leaves so much” or “What strong” are some of the comments in this regard.