Enrique Iglesias reveals the name of his third daughter with Anna Kournikova


It was February 13 when Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova presented to the world their third daughter, was born on the 30th of January after the couple to carry the pregnancy of the extenista in secret.

Since then, few are the details that we have known about the arrival of the baby beyond the photos that were published by the proud parents and the description that you gave Isabel Presleymother’s English, about the small. “Very rubita and with blue eyes,” he said in an interview with Hello.

And now, finally, we know what is the name of the new member family Iglesias-Kournikova.

The small is called Mary, while also addressing her as Masha, Maria in Russian, the native language of Kournikova.

So what has been revealed to the interpreter Carry me to the radio during an interview with the magazine People, where he spoke alongside Ricky Martin on the tour joint that are preparing and the arrival of Mary.

During the meeting, commented as received to Masha his older brothers, Lucy and Nicholas of two years.

“The truth is that the worship. There is a difference of two years, so I was a little afraid. It was like: ‘To see how they react’. In addition, we have two dogs at home, so now is a bit chaotic. When we got home with Masha for the first we did not know as they were going to react all,” said the spaniard for 44 years.

About his recent fatherhood, he also talked about the artist with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m not sleeping nothing, but I’m happy,” he said.

Both Ricky Martin as Enrique Iglesias have large families. While the spaniard is the father of three, puerto rican what is four (Matteo, Valentino, Lucia, and Renn). And the two have been talking about reconciling their profession, and more now that you are on the road, with the paternity.

“A lot of people will say that young children need stability. I think that we are that stability. If we are close to them, they will feel safe and protected despite living on a roller coaster. They are on our side,” said the interpreter Living la vida loca talking with Peoplesome words that supported Enrique, adding: “I’m Not going to separate me from my children.”

Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin will start his tour the next September and will tour the united States and Canada. In addition, you will be very well accompanied by the colombian Sebastian Yatra, the guest artist on this tour.