Extreme humiliation. “Does Antonio David allow this?”. Derision to Dew Flowers (eye to the photo)


March 05, 2020
(19:03 CET)

Antonio David (and Rociíto) should I be worried about her daughter, who is being embarrassed in the usual way on the social networks since I decided to participate in the new edition of the program Survivors by 2020.

The step by the reality of the son of a civil guard, not go down in history for having great skills or for having conquered the people by his great charisma, although that can do it for the amount of memes that is starring.

This week has already been the summum of the “bullying of the masses” in the social networking after that is viralizase an image of Dew Flowers eating a flan on the island.

rocio flores

The image has been only the tip of the iceberg of abuse that is having the image of the daughter of Antonio Flores and Rocio Carrasco, who is for the program to do and look at and the followers of the same also, since you have been on several red lines.

For the moment, no one in the program has been pronounced or the Antonio David, who seems like he is allowing you to follow the game on Twitter at the expense of leaving her daughter, something very ugly would have to root it in the social network.