Fabio Volo has said (evil) the truth about the video of Ariana Grande


Fabio Volo is a male chauvinist, Ariana Grande, one courageous girl free. It is more or less so that the entire choir of the world social and information has addressed the controversy that arose in these days. I cite as an example the gloss of the piece Claudia Torrisi on Vice:

It’s just another expression of sexism, disguised as common sense, from fathers worried about and guardians of the moral, surrounded by laughter. (Luckily Ariana Grande is not the daughter of Fabio Volo)

Let’s try to surmise what may be going on, starting from these words, without knowing the controversy is real. I could imagine an exit, heavy, aggressive and Fabio Volo, who has unjustly wronged a girl, arousing a group of female support and defense of the dignity of her. Well, Fabio Volo, and it was really heavy, but the woman to defend it


Ariana Grande | Youtube

Ariana is a celebration with friends. Nothing wrong with that

What then happened? Many of you will know already. From the microphones of Radio Deejay Fabio Volo has commented with words that are very vulgar and the video of the song 7 rings Ariana Grande, claiming that it is yet another inducement for our daughters to act like sluts.

I refrain from repeating the exact words of the conductor, writer and not to justify, or to sweeten his discourse, but precisely because they are unique. They are a sign that a good argument deserves a simple form and appropriate, without down – as the custom is abused – in foul language. Well the is. Thanks to this slip into vulgarity, the information mainstream he found the handle on the right to put in the pillory him, and sanctify the Great. It’s really hard to find someone who dares to say that, perhaps, Fabio Volo said – badly – the truth.

You can find loads of comments, its written by women, which follow the false line of this:

“Wear a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no Mrs
Bought matching diamonds for six of my bitches”

(“Port a ring, but not the woman anyone
I bought six of diamonds, the same for six of my girlfriends”)

In the video of Ariana Grande dancing with her friends, is a celebration of women; the text is pronounced by a woman that can do less than a man, and do not even need to tell it: his song is not addressed to him, not to him. There is no need to trouble Paul Gilroy, to understand that everything is here to bring hip-hop as a tale of social emancipation. (from journal of music)


Ariana Grande | Youtube

Call it social emancipation, it seems to me much more. Signing this piece of a woman, Lia Brunette, who clearly will be accustomed to luxury parties and luxurious of which the image above shows us every detail. Evidently approves of this model, but I don’t think that the thought of all the women is aligned to his. Any, many, feel offended that for the umpteenth time a music video stories about the fun the youth in a similar setting. Evidently, then, the above author is mischievous, because it is translated as it seems to the pitch of the song of Ariana Grande: “bitches” according to the dictionary it also means “whore”, as the slang has made in certain environments as a form of nickname for “friend”.

I ask: certain environments in which the friends are appealing so you can criticize? It is legitimate to only criticize Fabio Volo that uses that vulgar name for Ariana Grande or is it also legitimate to have something to say to Ariana Grande who choose a tone language identical to apply to her friends? Redarguisco one, but I don’t approve of the other.

And not in the context of Ariana Grande in the singular as a person. We are besieged by images identical, although there are a variety of depravity: it is clear to everyone that the music videos are widely endless pornography, and there is a protected range that takes into. The fact that we are used to (or better: the fact that through the dripping daily propaganda behind these images is become habitual) is an aggravating circumstance. A girl dressed as a bunny lying on a table, in alluring poses, and in a context very similar to that of the exposed women featured in the brothels is not “a woman free to be who she wants and dress as it seems”. No, dear editors DiLeinot you have a drink with your version of the facts:

That to look good in that “I’ve seen it, I like it, I want it, I have it/take it” which has scandalized so much the writer [Fabio Volo – Ndr] it had no sexual reference, but about the ability to spend and buy it without problems thanks to its emancipation. A strong signal of empowerment that has escaped. But in the end, malice is always in the eye of the beholder. (from Her)

Pity we can’t knock on the door of Aretha Franklin and ask her what do you think about this kind of empowerment. No sexual reference? To write a lie of the kind you do not need certainly to have malice in his eyes; instead, you must have consented to bow down to a thought that is anything but loyal to femininity and tolerant towards its cynical business logic. But the common people still has sufficient good sense to understand when similar rags are lying knowing to lie.

The new dis-sentimental education

Ariana Grande is a manna from heaven for the business: it is a girl who is 26 years old and he’s 15. Allows himself the luxury of speculating about pedophilia without breaking the law. Everything in that video suggests this scenario: the pink lights, the bedroom, the stuffed animals. Do not come to tell you that is tailor-made to contest the stereopito of the doll house. It is precisely designed to use the doll house as a sexual invitation, and to cajole those who – and we know that the market is vast – has a penchant for young girls very very young.


Ariana Grande | Youtube

What I see in this photo? A girl is free to dress how he wants? No, I see the slave market that uses the body of a young man to make money with sex. I see a victim call with the name of pop star international. I don’t see no freedom, but an abuse. Ariana Grande and all of the other Britney-Spears-that-be are not at all free. If this were so, we would see music videos, a variety of proposals, women’s large and uneven; instead, we only see breasts redone, turgid lips, faces made up, and photoshoppati, expensive clothes, sex scenes in environments designed. The music video of the pop star millionaire are really all commonly the same, an insult to women and an unjust provocation for our daughters. When the view is all the same, it means that the freedom is absent. The call star and influencersbut behind the film there is something very similar – if not worse – to the land of toys Pinocchio. Not cascateci, girls! The dictator on the throne today do not like the uniforms from the prisoners, like instead cloak his slaves with diamonds, Chanel & followers. It seems the happiness, remains a prison.

And it is a prison which they would like to impose on us. The trick behind the song 7 rings Ariana Grande (who gave rise to the disturbance of Fabio Volo) is only the last attempt to introduce the chapters more and more degratati a tremendous dis-sexual education. The tune at the base of the song in question is taken from the soundtrack of All together passionatelymany of you may remember the scene where Julie Andrews is welcomed into his room, and the children of colonel Von Trapp, li consoled by the storm of singing The things that are pleasing to me.