Feature, a Drop installed in the Pixel 4 of the lights on the Display, to Update a 40-percent brighter


Feature, a Drop installed in the Pixel 4 of the lights on the Display, to Update a 40-percent brighter

With the use of a Drop for the month of March, 2020, Google has delivered a host of new features to the Pixel-Smartphones from Pixel 2 and Pixel 4. The current Generation of Smartphones, Google is also going to get a new and unique way to automatically control the brightness of the Screen. In this Test, it will lead to a 40 percent brighter Display.

Pixel-4 to Pixel-4 and XL-in the meadows, to be published in October of 2019, as compared with the price of the competition, the lower the maximum brightness of the display. In the Test-pixel-4 XL is not the most of the 428 cd/m2; they were of the OLED panel, to be a people pleaser.

Google has been going on so far on the conservative control of the brightness

Google is in control of the luminance of the Display was a bit disappointing, as this is produced both in the case of manual control, as well as in the automatic mode, with the same results. In addition to this, we don’t, depending on the amount of white variable-brightness OLED Displays, the upper class is, as usual, and a significantly higher specific brightness, with a small amount of bleach.

Since the beginning of the week and is available on the Functionality of the Drop, as Google announced its major update with new features unique to the Pixel by the number, Google turned up the brightness control correctly, as it is a Test of the bottom of the computer shows. For the Test, the team has used for a Pixel 4 with a version of the Software in October 2019, and then every Test after the upgrade to the current Capability of the Drop, once again.

To Google, it refers to a share in the control of a white man with a

Google has changed so much in the auto mode, as well as the behavior with a small amount of white to fit right in. In both cases, the measures will lead to an increase in the brightness of the Pixel in the 4-to the competition from Apple, Samsung and OnePlus-unlock. In the case of the manual control of the changes that are occurring, however, it will be difficult for the, however, was not to be expected.

In particular, the amendments ensure that, in the Pixel 4) is illuminated with a white cloth, now a 35-percent brighter (583 cd/m2) than was the case before the Update. The amount of white is reduced by 20 percent, while increasing the brightness 611 cd/m2, which corresponds to an increase of 41 per cent. Google’s self-proclaimed in an interview on the basis of the computer, selectively, up to 700 cd/m2, and after the Update, the editor is considered to be a realistic value if the measuring range is further significantly reduced. In this context, the measurement of the editors of the device to be simulated.

The Maximum Brightness Of The Display

    • iPhone 11, Pro Max,.

    • OnePlus 7T

    • the iPhone 11

    • The Galaxy Note 10+

    • The Pixel 4 (03/2020, Automatic Transmission, Up To 20%)

    • OnePlus 7 Pro

    • The Pixel 4 (03/2020, Automatic Transmission, Up To 100%)

    • The P30 For A

    • ZenFone 6

    • Galaxy-S-10+

    • Galaxy-S-10

    • LG G8s

    • The Pixel 4 (03/2020, By Hand, Up To 20%)

    • The Pixel 4 (10/2019, Manual, Up To 100%)

    • The Pixel 4 (03/2020, Manual, Up To 100%)

    • The Pixel 4 of the XL (10/2019, Manual, up to 100%)

    • Pixel 3rd

    • Even 1

This is a new Feature in the Drop

All of the others, with a Feature to Discard, the changes introduced are summarized in this post from the beginning of the week. This also includes the advanced features of the Direction-of-Movement, the launch of Google’s Pay on the Power Button, the smart Way to Dark and do Not disturb mode, as well as a new Emoji-and-AIR-effects-to-Duo and a photo of the portrait so well.