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I have been in love PCGH readers! Dave and Raff, to say, ” good night.” We started it here in the Live Ticker, and keep it up throughout the event. You should do something Exciting, which you can read here. In this article, you will be up-to-date, again and again and again. We are now looking forward to the start of the show.

23:13: It is now official, RDNA, 2 to Use. If and to the extent to which the different varieties are coming in for NVIDIA the RTX card, in the case of the RDNA-2-cards is not known at this time. In addition to this, the ray tracing performance is not evaluated, however, the fact remains, however, that AMD wants to pick up on the concentrated and, therefore, is for Nvidia.

23:09: The Radeon architecture. AMD’s Portfolio in the future will be made up of two architectures, one for Games, one to Calculate the different scenarios: RDNA, and one of the new CDNA. The latter means, “to Calculate the RDNA”. This also means that the Game and the COUNTRIES are in different Chips in the future (once again) the most. The idea of Arcturus Chips coming?

RDNA & SUGAR: on AMD GPU's in the future

RDNA & SUGAR: on AMD GPU’s in the future

Source: AMD

23:06: Mark had left the stage, and David Wang, the Senior Vice President (SVP), enter it in the field. In this role, She is in all aspects of printing technology, which is responsible for the technical strategy, architecture, Hardware, and Software for graphics products and technologies, and AMD. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of graphics and technology in the silicon, the Lord, She brings great technical knowledge and a proven track record in the Management of the complex of the silicon and the development of the company.

22:55: AMD’s CTO talks about the bean. During his career, three of fab technology that Intel has always been at the forefront of the production. AMD has been planning his Route, in order to reduce the size of this gap at the earliest. Now, however, thanks to Intel’s continuing problems with the 10-nm process in production and exchange, with 7-nm development, we have achieved a landmark in the history of AMD’s production (and, in fact TSMCs production of the Chips that AMD is better than Intel’s. You will create from now on. No mention is made of it, of course, is that Nvidia is going to change in the near future, a 7-nm at TSMC.

22:45: Mark papermaster will present and highlight all of the previously released 7-nm products. 20, AMD has been able to successfully implement the streamlined process now. Zen 2, especially, has experienced a significant IPC increase.

AMD currently has more than 20 products, using a 7-nm process.

AMD currently has more than 20 products, using a 7-nm process.

Source: AMD

22:35: Mark papermaster, AMD’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has just come up on the stage. In the first film, which previews the future of High-Performance. While at AMD, it refers to many fields, including Supercomputing, AI, data Analysis, Visualization, and, of course, the Games.

To calculate the Power that is in the future.

To calculate the Power that is in the future.

Source: AMD

22:29: OHA! In a new video card that will be shown. The black-and-red-two-fan-in NVIDIA Turing’s Founders, Editions, no one knows. This is, most likely, the Radeon RX 5900 (or is it XR (6900) with a RDNA2 architecture? You will need to know in just a few minutes. Expect it to be.

This is the reference design of the 'Template' RX 5900'?

This is the design of a reference to the “Radeon RX-5900”?

Source: AMD

22:24: AMD would like to bring it to an end in the year 2022, Zen-4 and RDNA, the 3 on the market. The Zen-4, is made in are already at 5 nm. In the case of GPUs, it is not to last well into the 2020s, just as carefully. “Mad enhancement” instead of 5 nm, which is right here. 7 nm++?

Planning the use of AMD by the year 2022. The Zen-4, and RDNA, the 3. I like a lot of energy, and that is absolutely thrilling.

Planning the use of AMD by the year 2022. The Zen-4, and RDNA, the 3. I like a lot of energy, and that is absolutely thrilling.

Source: AMD

22:20: Lisa discusses how the next few years will look like. They are referred to, especially, the solutions of which are related to the CPU and the Gpu together. This may be the Software, but it’s also more powerful Hardware. The pc market is flourishing, and PC Gaming accounts for a large share of it.

22:12: It’s amazing how much Ryzen 3000 stands out the most. In the following, the Benchmark index, the increase in Cinebench to see it. AMD also states that, Ryzen 1000 led up to, and including, the 3000 to a steady increase in the share of the market: up 8% in the past two years.

The Zen 2 comes a lot more power.

The Zen 2 comes a lot more power.

Source: AMD

22:10: Lisa Su, what are some of the things that helped us with the solutions for the Position and you: Zen-2, RDNA, and 7 nm), and, finally, the Chiplet Design.

22:05: Lisa Su, speaking to us in the first place. It’s about that in the next five years in the future from AMD. The key word in that is “High Performance”. She seems to be confident and self-aware. Lisa Su has on the strategy of AMD’s Graphics, Computing and it Solutions. Exciting for us-in the Cloud Console and PC Games, as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

22:00: The event will start on time. He is already seeing the first movie, Dr. Lisa Su, with the “Building the Best” we’ll figure it out.

The Zen 3 is Large, the Navi, the new APUs? We are very excited about it!

The Financial Analyst Day, AMD is a large-scale event of the first order, which is why it does not occur every year. Last AMD was in the fall of 2017, the honors, and he said, a little more than two hours at Epyc, Zen, 2, and 3, as well as in Washington. This is not to suggest that, in the event, even if the Name suggests otherwise, it is not only in the financial world exciting, but also for the end user, the one or other delicacy is ready to provide it to us.

And even if the AMD can be just as good as any of the threads about the Financial Analyst Day in 2020,” he said, which is the goal of the five-hour running time, but it is at least remarkable. Those who want to watch the Webcast, starting at 22 PM, and is in need of an Account is free of charge for the Globalmeet Published. This is confirmed by the e-mail address, you can enter it in the appropriate channel in AMD’s page for the Event, with a fancy name and for its own Account. The Webcast will show up next to the live streaming of the show are presented separately.

According to AMD’s Dr. Lisa SU (chief executive officer), Mark papermaster (CTO), and Devinder Kumar CFO and other senior executives to give an Update on our long-term business strategy of the company, as well as the technology of the future, and the Roadmaps of the products.

The theme of the table, you should give it to AMD, in addition to a financial analysis in the areas of business, Computing and Graphics (Ryzen and Radeon), as well as the Company’s Embedded and Semi-Custom, it’s also an insight into the future. The Tours to go for graphics cards, currently only available up to 2021, in the case of processors for the year 2022. It is expected that the plans for the GPUs and the CPUs are up to date. A short view of the last of which was in the financial figures for the fourth quarter of 2019 at the latest, by the end of January of each year. Once you have made the Zen-3), as well as an attack on the UHD Gaming market in view, it was confirmed by the chief executive officer of AMD, Lisa Su, is not the only RDNA2 products, it is likely that, at 7nm+ made with Hardware ray tracing, and the Variable Rate on the Shader equipped, but also in the Navi-Update. We wouldn’t be surprised if tonight will finally be fleshed out in a Great Wheel. A point-of-view of the Zen-4, and AMD has already made the Operating system, the El Capitan will be installed by 2023, with the Epyc-processors – and it has to provide you with more information.

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As a reminder, the Zen of 3, 4, Big Navi, RDNA2, PS5, Xbox, X-Series: the current Financial Analst Day of age it is likely to go into the history books. The Acer notebook with an AMD at the Same time, which will come out in may and (1)

Notebook Acer the AMD Ryzen Mobile for 4000 to come in may

In the time that it is the first notebook with AMD’s at the Same time-the Chip? According to a dealer in germany would be in may so far. Rumors speak of a two-PS5-template (1)

Rumors there is talk of the two-PS5 template

According to a source, there must be a Standard and Pro model for PS5. That may be a rumor, is it?

[PLUS]    The CPU models the top of the Adjustment of the terms of i9-9900KS, R9 3950X, i9-10980XE, and all-wheel 3960X/3970X

[PLUS] The CPU models the top of the Adjustment of the terms of i9-9900KS, R9 3950X, i9-10980XE, and all-wheel 3960X/3970X

PCGH Further: Let’s look at what kind of game gives a lot of room for Overclocking and Undervolting thread, Ripper, models, 3960X, and 3970X, as well as Core-i9-10980XE. In addition to this, we can test the models Ryzen 9 3950X and Core-i9-9900KS, with the fastest processor on the mainstream Socket. The article comes from PC Games Hardware-02/2020.
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