Generator, shoot the Phone and you will be banned


the Karsten Scholz
The “Call-of-Duty-Streamer, Do the members of the Clan, and a few strokes of the master, the expert, Carl Riemer, was fired recently, perhaps the most important shot in the back during the transfer. On his Desk, he has handled a gun is loaded, that came out all of a sudden. The injured Riemer does not have, however, is its Contraction, the career has ended too early.

The “Call-of-Duty-Stream, and the members of the clan and it shall come to pass, and the “strokes of a master expert, Carl Riemer, was fired recently, perhaps the most important shot in the back during the transfer. In his work, this is handled in recent years by a handgun, loaded, while he was telling his jokes. But the Laughter remained trapped in his throat as the gun suddenly went off, and took it to his Table on fire. But you can see for yourself:

The Generator itself would be nothing, however, and this is her latest “trick shot”, however, has backfired: the Carl Riemer, it was banned because of the action of the Contraction of the muscle, and the Korean ESports organization that brought Up the Games that are separate from the player, because you don’t want to condone such behavior.

In the Youtube video, Carl Riemer, yesterday was the culprit: It was brought to its knees with this action, it is your life, and the hard work of many years destroyed. He was speechless, even more ignorant than usual. The action was also $ 1,000 more expensive, the Monitor is broken, and he didn’t know it at the Time, he will get the Contraction in revenue in the last month. This is the error it is the cost-of-living, so they understand the application of sanctions. The full Video can be found at the Following:

What do you think of the action? They are justified in the penalties? He will let us know in the comments!

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