Google: the Stadiums, it brings the Head of Sony Santa Monica for your new Studio


Google has announced the construction of a new development Studio in Playa Vista. The site is located on the West side of Los Angeles, close to the beach, and it’s probably not a coincidence: in the district by, among other things, Riot Games, Naughty Dog, Cloud Imperium Games, and Sony Santa Monica and has its registered office makes it easier for experienced developers to poach.

The job market

  1. unimed billing services for the clinic, and the head of medical GmbH, Wadern
  2. PENTASYS AG, Frankfurt am Main

The management of the new Studios specifically for the game streaming service for the Stadiums, they will be held responsible Shannon Studstill, the last one was in the same role at Sony Santa Monica, and there’s years of good Work that has been done.

Studstill, in the Community, although they are less well known, but, as a whole, with the head of the designer Corey Barlog, successful, God-of-war-series.

Its successor, the Sony Santa Monica, Yumi Yang, who is now working for several years in the Studio, and the God of war, he was involved in. It is considered to be relatively certain that there is a new game in the series comes out. Not confirmed, but also that there is no reasonably credible Leaks about the contents.

The new Studio, from the Google in order to focus on Stadium to produce games exclusive to the new game play mechanics, creative ways to play Together and for the unique interaction models for use inwrite to Jade Raymond, the Stages in the game, the division in charge in the company’s blog. Raymond works out of Montreal, where the company also develops skills for the new Game.

A few days ago, there had been reports in the media, and given the fact that many independent game developers, has little confidence in the arena. There are in the industry seem to question whether or not Google is actually involved in a long-term, game-streaming service. In addition to this, smaller Studios, especially, that it is worth it for you to almost any of his works, the Stadium offers.

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