Haniset Rodriguez returns to Ciego de Ávila, his native land, and shares beautiful photos from the city


The cuban Haniset Rodriguez returned from holidays to Ciego de Ávila, his native land, and from there, it has been delighting his followers of social networks with some beautiful photographs, taken in one of the corners most popular of the city.

The bride of the presenter cuban Carlos Otero chose as a backdrop for the exterior of the Hotel Wheel and immortalized a few images that brings out your side of the island and tropical. With a set of skirt and blouse of flowers, her blonde long hair and a container of juice in hand, the singer for the television of Miami (Florida) gave his best smile to the camera.

“Pictures in my hometown in front of the Hotel Wheel”, commented next to the snapshots that have accumulated thousands of ‘likes’ and comments that flatter the beauty of Haniset such as: “behold, you are beautiful”, “you Have a face among the sweet, angelic and cuddly that you look beautiful”, “you Look like a porcelain figurine my friend, super beautiful”, “What curves more beautiful, cute dress” or “Nice photos, lights formidable that you continue reaping successes”.

This is not the first time that Haniset lays aside his professional commitments and sets sail to Ciego de Avila to spend time with your family and take advantage of the occasion to give vent to his so-known facet as a model.

The past month of August the singer shared some photos from the Island in summarizing some of the moments of your trip as well as several of the places that he visited. During your stay, Haniset also showed his pride for being born in this province and told his fans the impressions we took of the people who still live in the country.

“I could appreciate as always, the people who live there, although they are in need, are at once rich in goodness. Laugh at the problems and share what they have with others, I saw that there is quality time between friends to joke, sing and have fun with what little they have, it’s nice to see genuine people and enjoyable for all parties that have not hesitate to throw a compliment to gladden the day or simply come to say hello and talk”, he wrote in his day in one of the publications.