How Isabel Coixet went to shoot a documentary to a film that defies classification with Almodóvar


After losing his job, Peter Riordan, a methodical man british obsessed with the weather, he decides to travel to Benidorm to visit his brother. However, upon your arrival you will discover that it has disappeared and he is the owner of a club burlesque working with Alex, a woman who will come into your life and that will help you to find the whereabouts of his brother.

This is the starting point of ‘it Snows in Benidorm’, the new film by Isabel Coixet produced by El Deseo and starring Timothy Shoulder and Sarita Choudhury. The project, explained to us that Coixet during our visit to the filming, it came up as a documentary about the degradation of the coasts, an idea that gave a turn after the director discovered the universe of the city: “I had never been in Benidorm and things like the two bays with the headland in the midst, the world English, world English, those worlds that touch but never cross, the beauty of the place with all these buildings… I was fascinated by”.

But his fascination for the city goes far beyond its architecture, as the director highlights the world of the clubs of Benidorm where you can find from stunts vaginal until a taxi driver from Yorkshire who after coming from vacation, she discovered that theirs was to be a drag queen. “This is all world”explains while highlighting the reality of the city meant that sometimes he would break the schemes that you had in mind: “I’ve left feed so that I see every day. When you make a movie on a site you can’t inventártelo according to what is in your head. You have to find a balance between what is in your head and what you’re living”.

Timothy Shoulder and Sarita Choudhury in 'it Snows in Benidorm'

The universe Benidorm is very broad, and the director of ‘Elisa and Marcela’ or ‘Foodie Love’ has not wanted to overlook the collective of the third age, a group that indicates that he feels “confident and powerful” in that environment. Also to the british community of the city and the recent departure of the United Kingdom of the European Union: “There are a few pullas anti-british and anti-brexit quite large, because I sincerely I think that the british are people the most racist in Europe. And they go like that no, but see, here’s what you see every day”declares the director.

With these features, both Coixet as his team talk of a movie of genre unclassifiable, but the director dares to define it as a “neo-noir” and he points out that, though you have many things that have not been previously seen in his films as a choreography of 4 minutes designed by Blanca Li, it has a structure that has been used several times.

Beyond its origin as a documentary, the director explains that ‘It snows in Benidorm’ also emerged as part of a project that was commissioned alongside Liv Ullmann and Claire Denis on the deconstruction of the figure of the fatal woman. The idea not ended up carried out and from this came movies such as ‘miss Julie’, ‘High Life’ or this new work of Coixet. In addition, Coixet says that the initial idea was to roll ‘it Snows in Benidorm’ black-and-white, option was ruled out after seeing that “had no sense”.

Timothy Shoulder and Carmen Machi in 'it Snows in Benidorm'

Timothy Shoulder and Sarita Choudhury are in charge of starring in ‘it Snows in Benidorm’. Choudhury, who had already worked with Coixet in ‘Learning to drive’, it indicates that when the director handed him a script, he pointed out that he was not going to want to do the movie after reading it, something that the actress ended up agreeing. However, claims that after having a coffee with her and chat with her best friend, recalled the good qualities of Coixet behind the camera, what made him accept enchanted the paper: “Not that you ever change your mind, I knew that I was going to do it but they wanted to do so. It is a character difficult for some reason”.

Unlike Choudhury, Timothy Shoulder did not hesitate to accept his role. The renowned actor of ‘Mr. Turner’ or ‘Harry Potter’ claimed to feel very intrigued by the story after reading the script, so that when Coixet came up to Glasgow to talk with him about the film, the director just took ten minutes to achieve to convince you. However, none of the two performers wanted to enter into very specific details about their characters.

Both actors also talked about the experience of filming in Spain. Both Shoulder as Choudhury highlighted the greater facilities and the rhythms of the quiet work that offered a Spanish production about a Hollywood, and we were delighted to be collaborating with the Spanish cast of ‘it Snows in Benidorm’. And is that in addition to these two performers, this new project Coixet has Carmen Machi playing a cop obsessed with Sylvia Plath, with Pedro Casablanc, or with Ana Torrent under the skin of a character with great presence, but with a single sentence in the whole movie.

All this mix of elements presents ‘it Snows in Benidorm’ it sounds strange, but as well gives to understand the title of the film, everything seems possible in an environment so peculiar as that of this region.

New movie with The Desire

‘It snows in Benidorm’ is the third work of Isabel Coixet with The Desire, the producer of Augustine and Pedro Almodóvar. After ‘My life without me’ and ‘The secret life of words’, the Almodóvar choose to return to work with the catalonian director after be looking for projects with an original profile, with intense experiences and with a look and own sensitivity, as we told Augustine during the visit to the shooting: “It was a script old, but it was a script with a romanticism and a melancholy very special and also very out of the ordinary”explains the producer.

Isabel Coixet on the set of 'it Snows in Benidorm'

Almodóvar also commented that ‘it Snows in Benidorm’ is a film of “a medium budget-high” with a cost of 4.4 million euros, an amount that allows them to have some good production values and that allows them to highlight for going abroad to sell the movie. “I think that in Spain we have a very big problem in the film: We have a very good cinema of author, but poorly produced. Makes you have less leg when you go out. The whole world has a consciousness that the film has to have a few values recorded minimum in order to travel”relates to vindicate this “cinema staff and with ambition” in the Spanish market.

The film does not yet have a release date, though from The Desire to trust in order to present it in some international festival this coming fall and release it in theaters in Spain during the month of November.