“I am I”, the success of Marc Anthony from his album Opus, was composed by the cuban Bea and Angel


The cuban talent has become to feel again in the last musical project of the famous american singer Marc Anthony. After counting with the grouping of reggaeton Gente de Zona songs such as Treacherous and The Gozaderanow the salsa singer of puerto rican origin, he has worked elbow to elbow with two musicians from the Island who come stomping within the industry: Beatriz Cesar and Angel Pututi.

Bea and Angel, who form a solid marriage and musical duo with topics such as Bread with butterhave been one of the links core Opusthe last album of Marc Anthony that was released on the 10th of may 2019.

The cuban artists were the composers of the success I amone of the 10 songs that picks up the disk in the new yorker, and which can be enjoyed on all digital platforms.

Despite the fact that Marc Anthony has been the voice in charge of giving life to I am, the excellent work of Bea and Angel has been recorded and exposed thanks to two videos shared on the official YouTube channel of the salsa.

Audiovisual materials are one of the many belonging to Recording Sessionsa series of small documentaries that collect a part of the process of work that was experienced during the creation of each one of the simple Opus.

In the two videos dedicated to I amcan Bea and Angel within the recording studio together to Marc Anthony and the rest of the team of musicians and technicians.

In several scenes the cubans appear very focused, measuring every detail of the arrangements on the issue and participating in the rehearsals and recordings inside cockpits and Magnus Media, the record company interpreter Live my life.

On more than one occasion, the cubans have shown their satisfaction for having contributed their bit to Opusespecially Bea, who after this job today it can be declared officially a composer.

The artist, whom we see every week singing in The Show de Alexis Valdéshas shared in your account of Instagram a few words of thanks to both your husband and to all who made this experience possible, which has it listed as “the beyond”.

“An experience of the beyond. Thank you Angel Pututi for teaching me, guiding me, sharing your knowledge with me, this song would not have taken its course without you, because thanks to you today I can say that I’m a songwriter,” said the young man.

Even, when in January of this year, Marc Anthony won a Grammy Award for Opus, which she shared with the cuban singer Aymée Nuviolain the category Best Tropical Latin Album, Bea expressed his pride for having been a part of this album.

“I can’t feel more grateful. The emotions do not fit me in and I have to share them. Thanks Randy Malcom, without you none of this would have been possible. Thank you, my eternal love Angel Pututi for teaching me the infinite world of creation and composition that as much respect I have for him, but that I love and I am passionate about. I love you. Thanks Marc Anthony for trusting us and congratulations, you are a monster. I am very happy to be part of this winning album,” he wrote.

I am not only has it been left in the playlist Opusbut that has been also included in the latest album of People of the Area, Another thing, produced by the Angel Pututi.

In this version, the song appears under the title What you and I live and presents a sound much more inclined to the genre urban. To give life to the simple, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcommembers of the group of reggaeton, they counted with the special collaboration of brazilian singer Gusttavo Lima.

Both I am as What you and I live you have succeeded and have earned the support of listeners and lovers of Latin rhythms and tropical. Both versions have millions of views on the different digital platforms, so we are confident that Bea and Angel will continue projecting his talent in other works of international relevance.