“I did it in a morgue”. Isa Pantoja, and all Telecinco, with the mouth open


Isa Pantoja Isabel Pantoja

March 05, 2020
(16:42 CET)

Isa Pantoja has been stone by listening to their statements, even Rafa Mora, he thought that what had been done in the places most bizarre. GH VIP 7 and its subsequent sequel, The time of discount, they gave many joys to Mediaset. Not only in terms of audience, but content for the rest of the programs. Before the close of the year was held a slumber party. And left owners of the most surprising.

There were only women in the final of the contest, so I had total confidence to speak among them and relax in the house. These, in a fit of sincerity, played during a time of the night at the famous “I never, never”. Adara Molinero, who has triumphed of the format, made a revelation that no one expected. “I did it in a morgue”, told. Mila Ximenez could not stop laughing.

Naomi Salazar replied with a tone of black humor, “le quitaste penalties”, sparking laughter from the other girls. Followed Mila Ximénez counting quand “I’ve never accepted a good deal sexual, comes from who comes”, he said talking about “for a friend”. Although not revealed the name of that person, told them that his “friend” had had sex with three friends of one of their husbands.

After, turn to Alba Carrillo. “I’ve never had mortar”, said in allusion to having had anal sex. “In addition, it is very well,” snapped Mila, much to the surprise of her companions. The thing was not there. Minutes later, the main protagonist of the reality show told of his romance with an athlete known, in particular with a footballer. Wake followed the steps from Adara to confess that he had been with “a famous journalist of tv”.