“I Perrerías!”. The hell of Andrea de Janeiro with María José Campanario that Belén Esteban does not forgive


March 05, 2020
(17:53 CET)

Belén Esteban has not fulfilled the promise Andrea de Janeiro. After the exclusive interview of Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario in the magazine Hello, the contributor has not been able to bite your tongue after reading the outrageous things they come out with, according to her. Although he tried not to talk about it, finally could not contain. The Paracuellos heavily loaded against the bullfighter. Mainly for being a bad father with Andrea de Janeiro.

In the interview Jesulín de Ubrique account that you would love to spend Christmas with all their children, including Andrea de Janeiro. “You say that like comes at Christmas… he was lucky to not let me talk. If I say to you the years that makes you not the flame“he explained the Esteban in a statement in direct.

“I leave a question in the air: ‘How long is it ago that you don’t see the person you have in common with Bethlehem?’. And another question: ‘how long have you not the flames?'”, has become to affect the tertualiana. The partner guarantees that during these years he has been a better father to his daughter, Miguel Marcos that the bullfighter. “I just know that the one who has gone to the doctors, meetings in school, meetings with tutors, bring it, bring it and help her to do homework has a name. Since Miguel started to become part of your life has been as a father. Had it 13 years, and six years ago that,”he added that the collaborator of Save me.

It seems that María José Campanario has made some controversial statements involving Belén Esteban, but the partner is not going to go into details and does not seek any confrontation. “You know why I do not speak of you, because the person we have in common with your husband, and I have been asked. But ye have done well not to talk, especially to your husband,” said Belén Esteban days ago. Andrea de Janeiro because I would have asked her mother not to continue with this war.

Belén Esteban María José Campanario

Andrea de Janeiro has never felt loved Ambitions. In fact the trod well little because his father, as has been made clear on many occasions Belén Esteban, has not been interested by the girl. “You have three children, not two”, is one of the legendary phrases of the collaborator. Anyway, to not be to your liking, the of Paracuellos preferred Andrea to stay home with her. On more than one occasion said that she has never closed the doors of his house to anyone of Ambitions if he was to see to the small.

Jesulín de Ubrique has done everything for the two children she has with Bell. In fact now he has paid for the studies to the mayor, who is currently studying in the US. Belén Esteban has also made it clear that she is the one who has paid the studies of Andrea during these 18 years, as well as the course he has studied in London.

The bad relationship between Belén Esteban and María José Campanario would come from here. The little treatment they have had with their daughter, Andrea Janeiro. What I should have done the Bell tower is to facilitate the relationship between father and daughter, however has preferred to make the vacuum.