I picture in Forbes as you have not seen ever!

The followers of Anitta could not be more proud of her. And is that, as you well know those who follow the day-to-day in the social networks of the carioca, one of their latest publications has given a lot to talk about.

Among other things, because in it appears a Anitta as many had not seen ever. Taking into account that the artists always usually bet on outfits very suggestive and sensual, seeing her dressed in a suit jacket has left many with his mouth open.

Yes, the occasion deserved it. And is that there has not been another that the famous magazine Forbes which has counting with it on their cover for the edition of the state of rio de janeiro to illustrate the article of the most powerful women of Brazil.

The photo of Anitta

Something that the singer could not be more proud. That is why, in a full week of a claim on the woman, taking in account the next 8th of march is the International Women’s day, Anitta it has left a sense message in the networks next to the image.

“To be a woman. Before you begin, I did not think that things really would change and would become much more difficult when you’re a woman. Being young and a woman. It is even more difficult to enforce, sort, and break down barriers when you underestimate them because you are still too young. Be woman, young, open and free sexually. Then the weather really closes. But, as I’m not made of sugar, I resist. Thank you, @forbesbr, for the title. Be considered one of the most powerful women in the country, after all I’ve been through, it’s a breath of relief and a sense of achievement. Let us go forward.”, points to the artist.

With almost half a million likes in just a few hours, it seems evident that this facet of demands in favour of women is something that has liked, and a lot of, their millions of followers all over the world. Good for her.