I pump!!! The photo of Edurne (Idol Kids) with and without a prosthesis: “I don’t think so!”


March 05, 2020
(18:16 CET)

Edurne much has changed physically in the last few years, from the legs to the eyebrows we’ve seen him transform with the passage of time. However, there is a part of the body that seems that is continually changing.

That part because we can already get an idea of what it is and what you will see in the following images that have given so much to talk about on social networks in recent times.


Yes, friends, the prosthetic work very well and the evolution has been quite sensitive in a singer that has been accused of being flat in some stages of his career and that is proving lately that you know very well enforced.

The couple of David De Gea it has become a reference in the competitions music in the last few years and its image and sympathy have been several of the reasons that always wins out.


In the last few weeks, the Spanish singer is promoting his new album called ‘Catharsis’ which will go on sale next month of April, and has several surprises.

Among them, a song which is dedicated to his partner David De Gea, who is not going through a good time in Manchester United. The song is called ‘Maybe’.