In a chat with the “Dark Mode” to make the light – B. Z. Berlin


It took two years, from announcement to the release date. Users of the popular Chat, now you can bring the dark to the Application.

Sven Schirmer

“Finally!”, many people will tell you. Because of the Option to provide the App with a dark theme now, it’s not nearly as popular as the WhatsApp is in and of itself. A matter of surprise to us that the Messenger used more and more and you have to wait so long with this option to color all the Pictures.

This is why it is dark

For Android:

In the Dark Mode under Android, it requires at least the Version of the Application 2.20.64. The Update should be offered automatically, and then installed it. It is also important that the device have at least the Android Version is a 9 or a 10.

Android 10, you can enable the dark mode in the system settings (settings/ display&brightness/Dark mode). In Android-9 or an older Version can be found under the Facebook settings IN the Application you are using (Chat/the Design/the-Dark).

For the iPhone (iOS devices):

On iPhones and iPads, with the iOS Version of 13 is a prerequisite for-the-Dark-of-date. How is Android a 10, and he also serves on the settings of the smartphone, tap “display & brightness” and “Darkness”. These options should not be available to you, or the Way in the Dark, it does not appear, you will need to be patient, and perhaps something of The distribution of the following Updates, with the Dark, occurs in waves within the next couple of days.

Not only beautiful,

In addition to the Design in the Alternative, for a way dark you have another, perhaps more important reason: the classic view of black Text on a white Background, the brightness of the display screen, and thus, battery consumption is significantly higher than when darker colours are displayed.