In a chat with the New Update, which brings in the dark, in the way that it is turned on


To save the tired eyes in the dark, they offer many of the Apps and also the Smartphone operating systems, iOS and Android are already so dark. The Facebook company, WhatsApp, pulls well and gives users access to the most recent Update, the ability to cover the surface of the apostles in the colors of the dark. To protect your eyes and prevent your Smartphone that bothers you in a dark room, or as a source of bright light,” said the company.

WhatsApp-the-dark, so that users can make to the Design

He also pointed out that the legality of a limitation, and therefore, the white and the green, of course, a Chat-faces so dark, not black, but dark, elements, grey, and green. For users whose Smartphones run on Android 10, iOS or 13, you can turn on the Drawing automatically and simultaneously with the “native” mode in the dark.

For those who prefer a less bright design, in General, with an older model that is on the way, you can enable or disable the mode, in accordance with the definitions of the sub-Project of a point to it manually.

Source: WhatsApp