In short, the band, the Android, the shadows of the Trojan, Continental news: the great


The German companies are supplied under a European comparison, and it continues to be lacklustre, with high-speed Internet connection. In the past year, 59% of businesses had a broadband connection, fixed by a contract, agreed to at a data rate of at least 30 Mbit/s. In general, it was 91 per cent of enterprises with at least ten employees in Germany, by means of a connection to the fixed broadband. Germany, therefore, according to the Federal statistical office, a little below the average of 92%.

Google has expanded its Assistant on Android devices, a text-to-speech function. The voice command in the assistant is now reading the content of the site. Here, in the Browser, go to View and select words that are being read. In a Test by heise online the new Feature is expected to work in the Chrome Browser, Firefox, has told not to Read it. To begin to read in a loud voice, to turn to Google, and the Wizard helps him, “Read it!”. The German voice commands worked on the heise online-it Test.

The most important News of the day, compressed into 2 minutes, and our work provides a daily News Podcast. Who’s to say that the wizard, such as Amazon, Alexa, Google, or the web publishing Wizard, you can hear it on the News and see that. The Alexa is simply the Ability, or the Google Wizard will tell you to turn it on: “the games heise the Top”.

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The local government should not be involved in Blackmail through encryption of Troy, in the beginning, to the payment of a ransom. The fees of the Confederation of national associations of local authorities, the Federal criminal police office and the Federal office for security in information technology. Cities, towns and municipalities shall, and in spite of this, a view of each and every one of these attacks-the immediately. For those who pay, and motivates the criminals and the followers of these attacks to continue and to develop. In addition to this, it may not even take place after the payment is made, the expected results, or, more accounts receivable will be collected.

The supplier Continental is to get to 2019 the global economic downturn is being felt in the automobile industry. The bottom line is that it’s a loss of more than 1.2 billion euros, which fell after the company had earned in the previous year, to approximately 2.9 billion euros. As it Involves, he said, was in addition to the “sharp decline in the market environment,” in the ordinary business of the well-known, the adjustment of the value of the Procurement, the reason for the red Numbers. The Outlook becomes a little think it’s Good for, among other things, the possible consequences of a new Coronavirus to increase, the risks to demand and output.

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