iPhone 11, Pro for a low price, Now, in a strong 20-Gb-LTE-Fee, safe and secure


On the iPhone, the 11-model series is the latest top-of-the-range Smartphone from Apple. Correspondingly high is also the price which you are connected. Who wouldn’t want to spend it on a hit of more than 1000 euros for a mobile phone with O2 for the iPhone, for 11, Pro, it currently has a exciting Tariff offer.

Here you can get the iPhone 11, Pro at the O2-Free M Fare for only $ 49. The price includes 20 gigabytes (Gb) of data of a volume in a single month, and you are using a The maximum speed of up to 225 Mbit/s in Download and 50 Mbit/s Upload on the O2 network. In order for you will not be able to use simple apps like WhatsApp and co. but you can also enjoy your favorite series and movies on HD streaming. After the consumption of the Inclusive volume, the speed will be limited to 32 kbit/s via a phone call, text message, or surf, while outside the EU, you don’t have to Worry about it. The student’s plan includes a flat rate for SMS, calls to all German networks, as well as in the EU and abroad.

All-in price of $ 49, including both the Device and the connection, in the amount of 39.99 euros and 4.99 euros shipping costs in the amount of 93,98 to the Euro. The collection of the cost, instead of the regular 64,99 EUR to 54,99 EUR / month, minimum contract duration is 24 months.