iPhone, the 12, Pro claiming to have a 64MP camera, in Macro mode, larger battery, and I


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For about six months and we are still separated from the display of the iPhone, 12, iPhone 12, Pro. Internally, Apple is expected to have a long-term, what are the functions of the manufacturer of the next flagship model is set. End-users will be informed officially only in fall, in the context of a discourse. In the run-up that we used in the story and provide any new information.

The rumors of the iPhone in the Pro 12

Max Weinbach has done so in the past few years, it’s very good for your Apple contacts in order to be more discreet as an indicator of the volume of the iOS, 13) in the proof. For he also is the newly launched Samsung Smartphones in weinbach and accurate information. Now, there are up to date for the iPhone for 12, Pro.

The on-board Video, the Leaker has worked with everything applepro. It is believed that the evaluation of konsentieren Apple this year is heavily on the camera System on the iPhone-flag ship. It is said that Apple is going to use a 64MP sensor of the camera. This could be a 64MP Sensor is from Sony. In addition to this, the talk of an o-Ring in the flash-on the inside-this is a 3D-ToF-camera in the sun.

Apple is also working on a new Macro-step, in order to allow you to shoot with a proximity of up to 2.2 cm. Larger lenses for better light output. According to Weinbach, Apple is going to expand to the night mode, all of the lenses for the camera (incl. In front of the camera. Finally, the talk of a bigger 4400 mAh battery, on the basis of a 120 hz display, as well as the 5 to Support.

In addition to the iPhone and to 12, Pro Video, provide you with more information about the Pro’s and iPad’s iOS with 14. Even if Weinbach is often, “hit the Black”, then you must comment on all the rumors, all with a a Dose of skepticism.