It against the wall and teaching the back! Last photo


March 05, 2020
(13:45 CET)

It seems that in the last days Cristina Pedroche has caught the taste to put their social networks upside down. While it is true that the of Vallecas tends to be very regular in terms of their number of publications, in the last week we have seen have been several photos that have generated a lot of controversy in Instagram.

The first and the most media noise generated was one in which he appeared without any clothes on and doing a handstand on the bed. An image that, taking into account everything that moves Pedroche in the networks, generated thousands of comments.

If she had not generated sufficient controversy, just a few days after he surprised his followers by posting a picture on Instagram in which he appeared with a pair of trousers transparent and left very very little to the imagination.

The picture of Cristina Pedroche

And of course, his most faithful delighted and spoke of it as “one of the most sensual women of the time”. Something that, taking into account how much you like this kind of compliments to the help of Atresmedia, not you could have done more illusion.

Perhaps for this reason has decided to continue with this line of publications sensual. In this case, your last photo is perhaps not as explicit, but has managed to also generate a good number of comments on the networks.

In it we can see it “punished” against the wall and boasting of “tipazo”, as they say many of their followers. “Punished against the wall…but with style” notes Cristina next to an image that builds up as more or less that almost 70,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

A photo, which has resulted in a cascade of reviews more than positive towards madrid. “How beautiful you are my daughter”, “Spectacular”, “Brutal”, “Every day that passes you are more beautiful” or “someone explain to me how does this woman because I do not understand” these are just some of them.

We’ll see what surprises Pedroche his followers in the next few hours. What is certain is that he has set the bar very very high.