It has sold more than one Million Times; with a focus on optimization and bug fixing


The French Wolcen, Studio reports, via press release, that it has sold Wolcen: the Lords of Mayhem so far, about a Million Times for the PC on Steam (as of: 04.03.2020, 17:00 (gmt).

In the game, despite the unfinished construction site in nature, it is a great success for the small Studio. In the first four months of the start of sales, so that by means of 2020, you want to take care of the developers, complete optimization, and Error correction. Then, and only then, the new content must be developed by, for example, in the fourth act, is taken to the Story. This extension is free of charge.

In Wolcen: the Lords of Mayhem and more than a Million characters have been created, and 12.874.233 the Monster is defeated. In addition to this, the players were 17.406.590 hours into the game, the Action role-playing game, and caught a total of 115.347.589.950 Gold (after the correction of the Holdings of the Gold).

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