It is, still today, is the first of the Xbox Series, X-play


Forza Horizon 4 the benefits of the new Xbox, the Series X-art. Forza Horizon 4 the benefits of the new Xbox, the Series X-art.

It’s a bit odd that we know so much more about the Xbox, X-Series, but it is a little on the PS5. In terms of Gameplay, the PS5 has its nose in front of you, and after all that, there was already a short game to see a snippet of the Godfall for you. Current rumors suggest that Microsoft might do so, but it’s still like that.

Today’s Updates are for the new Xbox, the Series of X-Play?

At 22 hours, the German, the so-called AMD Financial Day in Santa Clara, Calif., is a start. In the context of the Event of the manufacturer of the chip, and Microsoft was supposed to have made an appearance, at least, there is an official commitment of participation. And, rumor has it according to a Reddit User throwaway03052020 (obviously, it’s a waste of an Account), has been published, it will also be available for the Xbox, the X-Series in mind.

Therefore, the objective should be to present the RDNA2 architecture, the GPU of the Next-Generation Xbox will be equipped. And, of course, you need a piece of Software that is suitable.

The new Pilot will be shown to be: Thus, on the one hand, it has not yet announced the game of the race at Turn 10-the developer-is to be shown. The Forza Motorsport creators of the work, and therefore, it has already been 18 months of a new Rider, it will serve to demonstrate that the ray tracing technology, the GPU in the base of the cutscenes in the game, and playing in the snow.

Playground Games, however, they show a 4K Build, Forza Horizon 4, for the run at 120 frames per second in the Xbox Series the X What-Size-4-it is for the benefit of the Variable Rate on the Shading of the technology in the Xbox Series the X-and in order to be able to achieve a 32 per cent increase in the frame rate of the video.

A second Team of developers, there is shown, in accordance with the rumor, a different scene, for the difference between the location of the ray tracing, and on-line solution Database, ray tracing, of course). Even though it is only for a single camera moving through one area of forest to be very impressive.

Back to the story: Reddit, the source is anonymous, we cannot verify if the supposed Leaker has been right in the past. On the other hand, a purely technical matter-in the framework of an AMD does not seem to be a very unusual one.

The well-known Island Toilet seat (Yes, it really is called that) has also supported the rumor, first of all, after a closer look he’s thinking about it, but right now, it may very well be a false Alarm.

One way or the other, it seems unlikely that in the Xbox Series the X-scenes of the game will be available to the general Public.