It Was god to see it Normally


For a camera Pair, we have an interesting view on the “God of war”. Therefore, it must be Kratos, also I would like to get to the toe, which is not visible to the player from the normal camera viewpoint in the game.

God, it Was to see Normally, Baldur, the God of war, it shows the finger after the first boss fight

With a camera Hack for the game-exclusive “God of war” in the past, it is not what they see on the highly acclaimed PS4 seen. At the same time, it is clear that the developers seem to have a certain amount of fun out of it, in order to integrate those things into the game that it is, generally, a player will have to deal with.

The camera is made out from a distance?

The Youtuber Bid, he says he has found a way to hack the camera in “God of war”, by which he has free control over the camera’s perspective. In this way, he can do all the things that are visible to the player, generally out of sight, they are out of sight of the camera.

Interesting scenes from the first Boss fight with Baldur, which include, for example,. And, in particular, what happens when Kratos smashes his opponent into the fight on the ledge of the cliff. While Baldur falls into the depths, it shows how Kratos is with the finger. Some of the appropriate scenes in the boss fight, you can see in the Tweet embedded below.

A lot of Fans in 2018, has released the “God of war” now, what are the Easter Eggs hidden by the developers at Sony Santa Monica and, possibly, even far away from the camera in the game. It may be you next time, Yes, you find the Videos interesting and funny encounters.

On The Subject Of The– God of war Cory Barlog, is in favour of a series on Netflix

“God of war”, is now available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 is available to you. If you haven’t played the title yet, you can be it on the PSN Store today, with an offer of a discount for the lowest price of 15.99 Euros for the purchase. PS Plus members will only pay 11.99 Euros. The offer is only valid until the 19th of November. In march, in the year 2020.

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