Jennifer Lawrence: 15 curiosity is surprising to you


Jennifer Lawrence: biography, film, friend, physical and other curiosities on one of the most popular Actresses.

Jennifer Lawrence is a famous American actress born on the 15. august 1990. You need your glory to the great interpretations of various movies, but especially the participation in the saga of the Hunger Games

The woman of undeniable beauty, has a character quite shamelessly, very different than the traditional rules of Hollywood star. But from this news, perhaps you are already aware of this, but there are many things that you probably didn’t know.

For this reason, we offer you 15 curiosity surprising,, you entertain and inspire you.

Jennifer Lawrence make-up

1) The misadventures during the outputs with the girlfriend Adele

Jennifer Lawrence and singer Adele are friends, for they come often together, and just as often found with puncture-out of the ordinary. One of them happened recently, when the two friends went in the Club Cumming, a well-known gay. Here is the actress before, it’s make-up is a queen, a drag, and then has even pee in a bucket. His justification for this gesture was the lack of desire in the upper floor, where the toilets of the ladies.

2) The battle on the differences of remuneration between actors and Actresses

Not many people know this, but in spite of everything, you can think of Jennifer Lawrence strengthened the defense of the rights in his category. In fact, it was the first to open on the remuneration of the higher interest rates of the Hollywood actors than the Actresses. This caused a real fuss in the media.

3) his great task in the support of the female sex

Beyond the battle reminded here above, the actress strongly supports the struggles of women for gender equality and for the rights of women. This aspect was also reinforced by the fact that the actress played the roles of “revolutionary” in some movies.

4) his physical statues is the fruit of so many victims

Aesthetics, and physics-this actress is known from several parts. But if, on the one hand, of course, mother nature has a hand in the other, she does everything to stay in shape. In fact, it has to be a personal trainer, the the door to to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet.

Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood

5) The turbulent childhood

Now it is by many considered a true sex symbol of cinema, but from a very young, the Lawrence wild was fishing. To was So much, that she was not allowed in the school, play with other children as overly restless. This was the occasion for a nickname, you are distinguished, namely “Nitro”.

6), The donation of 2 million dollars to a Foundation

The beautiful actress has been known to prove also a certain sensitivity for the needy. In fact, in 2016, a maxi was-million donation to the Foundation, Kosai-Shi’r Hospital in Louisville, his hometown.

7) The wines for your bachelorette party

The actress said had revealed an anecdote about his marriage, and, for a moment, “bride-to-be neurotic” for your bachelorette party. On this occasion, Jennifer didn’t want to celebrate, unless then change your mind at the last minute. But at this point, other obligations had been invited, the actress broke out in tears, not realizing that to be desired at this time, the would have and how.

8) Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Maroney

Only his marriage with fiance Cooke Maroneya topic of gossip and up to date. The couple was always very cautious in this regard, but Lawrence has recently said, I would like to live with him. He has also declared that you’ve decided the place and the perfect wedding dress, he wanted to have, always. However, the date and location remain to keep it a secret, how much more privacy is possible.

9) The passion for the basketball Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has always loved this sport, not only as supporters, but directly as a player. In fact, it rank just for the fun of it is often what is often perpetuated by the photographers while he was a private in the company of men.

10) the glass of the bad-word –

To understand how you may already, the eccentricity, lack of course on this actress and the story we tell, can confirm that. In fact, it seems that Jennifer on the set of Hunger Games, if imprecasse “like a sailor”, according to what is told by Director Gary Ross. For this troupe secured with a glass to fill with money, with each swear word, and it seems that it has helped fill in the half.

11) The accident that made her deaf for a week

What is the actress, a profession that is certainly considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, but he, too, has its problems. is The Lawrence of them knows anything, so that during the training in archery, for the implementation of some of the scenes Hunger Games, she’s hurt and banged against a wall. Then, in one of the shots, had an accident and remained deaf for a week due to an injury on the set.

12) The singing talent hidden Jennifer

She claims to be open, the melody, like a bell, but the facts are clearly in a different direction. A proof of this with the song ” The Hanging Tree sung has to be understood in the third, the Hunger Games, was a great success.

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13) Is very anxious, if you find yourself in the crowd

The woman has struggled already as a toddler with anxiety and Hyper activity, so you will be forced to take medicines and therapy for this. Even today, he says to be anxious, if you are in places quite crowded, but it is able to dominate them.

14) in his first Oscar-receipt over 20 years

She is predestined to be an actress and you have understood it all, if you are at the age of only 20 years, he already had his first Oscar thanks to the film entitled “A cold winter”. But then, she won the same coveted award in 2013 as best actress in the movie “The positive side”, becoming the second youngest actress to have received.

15) The amazing results in the studies

Not many believe it like, but Jennifer Lawrence she graduated from high school in just two years, with the voice of 98/100. This is the confirmation that this is not only a beautiful woman and a good actress, but a person who, apart from their quirks, has intelligence, talents, and skills out of the ordinary.

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