Jennifer Lawrence: break from Hollywood to the marriage with Cooke Maroney and the policy


Jennifer Lawrence told because you decided to take a break from work, preferring to focus on the marriage with Cooke Maroney and on the policy.





Jennifer Lawrence he said break it is issued from the Hollywood-world, to focus marriage with Cooke Maroney and commitment in the field of politics.
The actress, by the podcast Naked in fact, he has shared many details of their engagement and how to prepare on the day of the wedding.

The Oscar-winner said: “considers it essential to be involved and politically aware to be revealing the situation of today’s society, many of the details about their relationship.
Jennifer Lawrence told to have chosen the dress and the place where they take place, the ceremony and the celebrations, since he is then unexpectedly and was delighted at the idea to be bachelorette: “Yesterday there was my one and only bride, the outside of the control, in which I cried, because I thought, I don’t want a bachelorette and at the last minute, I decided to organize, but none was available because it was too late and I began to cry“-
The star, he revealed felt pathetic because he cried in the presence of the fiance, and only in a second moment, she noticed that he was emotionally out of control, because she’s shooting a movie in New Orleans for the first time, far from Cooke and in a city that binds to the presence of ghosts.
Maroney has comforted and Jennifer has responded positively, open a beer and decided to organize a bachelorette seriously, in order to arrange enough time for your girlfriends and get rid of any obligations.

Jennifer Lawrence has later emphasized that she is concerned or afraid of the marriage “to be lazy, neurotic,“talk, finally, of reasons, of which Cooke is the right person: “I was not in a situation where I thought ‘I’m ready to marry me’. I just met Cooke and wanted to marry him. We wanted to get married, we wanted to aspire to. Is my best friend, and I wanted to be with him forever. Fortunately, there is documentation for such a thing. The thing is so great. Find your favorite person in the world and think: ‘you can’t go’“.

Jennifer Lawrence Hoult with her fiance, Cooke Maroney, the premiere of the film the ex Nicholas