Jennifer Lawrence: “I’ll never be a bride-to-be neurotic”


After a number of friends of cover collected Jennifer Lawrence decided, seriously. Star Hunger Games and the winner of an Oscar winner, is going to marry Cooke Maroney, critic and art dealer in New York. The announcement of the wedding happened months after the couple have the relationship formalized. Now, the marriage is the super-secret stands in front of the door and the young actress reveals a few more details.

Involved in an episode of the podcast “Naked With Catt Sadler”the, their explanations is most important have been listed by Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence explained that preparations are already in full swing, and that he lives in the moment with the utmost composure. “Yes, everything is running perfectly. I already have a ready-made wedding dress. It was love at first sight. The same thing happened at the place where we have the celebration,” says Jennifer Lawrence . The only drama was the organization of the bachelorette. I thought I didn’t want to, but in the past I’ve decided to do this. None of my friends could participate, because I organized everything at the last moment. Are you broke out in tears and I think that was the only moment-bride-to-be-neurotic”.

The actress is best known for his temperament outside the penalty area, an approach that is all the intentions, which we also use, to the day of his wedding. “I enjoy the moment. You are too lazy to be nervous. I have no intention to be a bride-to-be neurotic”. Has certain ideas also about love, the try, your husband-to-be. “I am very happy to meet him, he says. In this moment, I was suddenly ready to get married, but once known to Cooke, I had clear ideas”.