Jennifer Lawrence: in his next film, the stage designer of The Possible


On the set of the new film from Jennifer Lawrence, it is also for the designer Jack Fisk, Oscar nominee ” The as Possible.





Jannifer Lawrence work alongside the stage designer Jack Fisk, Oscar nominee for The Possibleon the set of his next movie, still without a title.

Not only As driving behavior, was Fisk he is for the Oscar winner with The tanker and in the past, stage designer, works such as Mulholland Drive, The Master and The Tree of Life.
The new film from Jennifer Lawrence will be live from the theatre-Director Lila Neugebauer, with a screenplay by newcomer Elizabeth Sanders. The Lawrence is also the role of the producer, in cooperation with Justine Polsky, Scott Rudin and Eli Bush. The film tells made the story of an American soldier, the return of a head injury in Afghanistan and the struggle to home. The shooting will begin in mid-June in the city of New Orleans (Louisiana), should finish by the end of the month. Still no certainty about the official date of the release of the film, although some rumors speak of the end of 2019.

Jennifer Lawrence is back on the big screen with a movie-drama, after the year-long break from the world of cinema. Among the last of his work, remember, Red Sparrow, mother!, Passengers ” and ” X-Men: Apocalypse. Jennifer Lawrence is still in the cinema X-Men: the Dark Phoenix movie franchise, the main role is played by Sophie Turner.