Joel & Ellie get their own TV series


Since both baff: The Last of Us gets a TV series. Since both baff: The Last of Us gets a TV series.

As for the film’s web site, The Hollywood Reporter announced that, soon there will be in addition to, the Witcher is a video game series that finds its way on to our TELEVISION screens: The Last of Us is going to be used by the Writer, Neil druckmann, and the Chernobyl disaster-the inventor, Craig Mazin-for the American TV channel HBO.

The success of the Witchers in the Series seems to be in the movie industry, video games and internet. For now, The Last of Us, Action-Adventure game from developer Naughty Dog will be made into a TV series.

They are involved in, in addition to the developer’s Studio, Naughy Dog, the American television channel HBO, which is already implemented in the Game of Thrones, the television. The project, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is a collaboration between Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation in the production of the first in the series, the PlayStation, the Productions are produced.

On the other hand, it should not be the last as Chris Parnell as Co-President of Sony Pictures Television’s Studios, the developer has announced. It was only the first of many, as it is cited in the literature.

What’s the point ?

As for the Writer, it is so well-known, it has not been announced who has been cast for the series. We do know, however, is what it is. In fact, the series will include the events from the first to The Last of Us post-performance, with the possible additions of the soon to be released second part of it.

This means that we are, Joel and Ellie will be seeing a lot more likely with the other voices. Ellie was played by Ashley Johnson, and spoken to, it seems that the voice of the actress did not particularly like it, and, well, Joel’s spokesperson, Troy Baker is not in sync visually, too, as well as with the bearded drop-out all together…. That is why we should all be excited, in which to choose is going to fall off.

The Clicker is probably going to spend a lot of time on the skin. The Clicker is probably going to spend a lot of time on the skin.

Director Craig Mazin seems to be a good choice for the series. The Chernobyl disaster, the latest project that has reached the nuclear power plant on the brink of collapse in very somber tones that the game is in no way inferior. Also a Writer, Neil druckmann, is very satisfied with the Mazins ‘ understanding of the game, and this is at the side of it.

Special Effects Make-Up-Fireworks

However, with the proper Officer, the point of view of implementation, it will be an emotional one. While in the Corridor, people are still somewhat similar, so they are the most developed in the Infected, such as the Clicker that is a challenge for all of the Special Effects artist.

Who do you think should play Joel and Ellie?