Kiko Hernández uncovers the mess of bed of a presenter of Antena 3 and him!


Kiko Hernández contestants survivors

March 05, 2020
(15:17 CET)

Viewers of Survivors did not have many hopes in this new edition due to your amount of characters to “anonymous” for the public at large. However, it has been a genuine revolution with fees very surprising to be in the first week. One of the signings most discussed has been that of Jose Antonio Aviles.

The young man is known by a partner in the program Emma García, Viva la vida. But the cameras are not recording 24 hours a day and was unknown as it was really. Viewers have discovered that José Antonio Avilés is able to desquiciar to anyone. And they say it to their peers. Possibly has had clashes with all or almost all.

josé antonio avilés

Right now Aviles arises to leave the competition. The three weeks on the island we are passing invoice and that they had prepared conscientiously in order to overcome this great challenge. But there is something more. The partner of Viva la vida had a mission well defined. He doesn’t want the briefcase. The same happened to Antonio David want to become tertullian fixed Save me and is doing everything possible to get it. Without a doubt, is who more headlines is starring.

Have you been in a relationship with José Antonio Avilés with Peacock bass? At the moment it is a mystery but that is what was said between the pundits of the space. But it is not the only thing that is said of him. Kiko Hernandez has released a new information. According to tertullian, for a long time, Avilés, would have used a false relationship with a presenter very well known chain a rival, Antena 3, to gain access to certain circles and to interact with people important.

By the words he has said Kiko Hernández, spectators, and their partners had clear who is meant. Neither more nor less than Jaime Cantizano, presenter of the famous program of tabloids, DEC. This false idyll ended when the story reached the ears of the presenter and this spoke with José Antonio Avilés to stop his intention to run this relationship that lacks truth.

Return to give information but for the moment did not clarify anything.