‘Lucifer’: Tom Ellis has signed an agreement to return in the sixth season


The negotiations for a sixth season of ‘Lucifer’ are still going on and according to TVLine, Tom Ellis has reached an agreement to play the protagonist in a possible sixth season. This new information adds to the optimism of the showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson to carry out these agreements in order to produce one more season. In addition, we already knew that Netflix is holding discussions with Warner Bros. Television to extend the series beyond the fifth season. The rest of the cast already has similar agreements the Tom Ellis for their return to the demonic series.


The series has gone through the hands of a variety of producers. Their first three seasons were born of the hand of FOX. The cancellation of ‘Lucifer’ in 2018 motivated a great movement online with the hashtag #SaveLucifer that led Netflix to revive the production with a fourth season, and renewed for a fifth and final season shortly after.

Does the future seem to have the series

Let us remember that ‘Lucifer’ was the series most watched in streaming by 2019, according to the app TV Time. The level of fanaticism of the series is immense, with what it would be understandable that motivation to produce one more season. The fifth will have 16 episodes, divided in two blocks of 8 episodes, still without a release date. Michael Ausiello, founder of TVLine, pointed out that this season extra could have between ten and thirteen episodes.